Write the Whole Day

Not to write up today, per se, but to write a day as projected in my 30 minute sessions with my best version of myself, that future self I'm striving to know I've created.  The day, too, would be created by myself.  The life I would be experiencing in that day, without a doubt, would evidence with absolute crystal clarity, I create my life.  And, I create my life to serve me, so that, in turn; I serve others.


There are times, of course, when my writing seems a bit tangled up.  I feel some real value in that first paragraph; please let me clarify it better, if I can.


Thanks to Napoleon Hill and making a several years study of him, I really endeavor (and it is quite the labor because I yet remain ambivalent about doing what's best for me, despite my age) to take 30 minutes out of each of my days and envision myself being, doing and having an improvement on my current self.


Hence, I manage to claim to myself that I AM a better version of myself in the future.  If I focus on one day and create that one day being better than I experience my current days, I have a start to my creation.


Between you and I, it feels entirely possible that one of us might notice that there is a manifestation that first appeared in my mind, then on paper (so to speak) that we both might read and review it, and then my reality reflected it.  Hopefully, amongst us, it might be mentioned, brought to our mutual attention, and celebrated as evidence that I do create my life.


So, . . . for this write, let the fun begin.


I AM a Sedona-ite.  Or, maybe it's Sedona-an.  I don't know if there's an official designation.  What I mean is that I hail from Sedona, Arizona.  I confess that I AM spoiled.  Not in a royalty sort of way, but rather in the way of loving the land which I consider to be beautiful.  When I speak of beautiful, first there's a wildness that's observable.  There may be aspects in common to other lands, and yet there is a distinct individuality.


There's variety of all sorts.  Variety in terrain is of major importance to me.  My reign in Sedona is brief, thus far.  I've spent decades in Phoenix, raising and being near family, and I never considered it beautiful, for its lack of terrain.  If your only exposure to it is via the television screen and it seems there are mountains surrounding it, you may be surprised to know that what appears to be mountains in those clever shots are mere piles of dirt and common rock with cactus on them.


If you are a believer, as I AM, that walking is at the height of the chart of wellness preservers, strength and flexibility preservers; I AM hopeful you can see the value of having a variety of terrain as a backdrop to the walking you do.


This is a mundane way to finish anything, a post in this case; but I want to come back often and share my doing of this practice with you.  I have several reasons in mind:  I AM hoping (this will have to appear as a tag for this post as I find it rolling off my tongue way too often) some of you will finally pop up your heads and comment and share and we can become friends, the practice is truly a godsend to me and I don't mind benefitting, and I AM hoping some of you will try this as a practice for yourselves and benefit massively.


So, . . . fare Thee well, until we meet again.


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