Live Life Inspired

Live Life Inspired is someone's logo.  I heard it on TV a few minutes ago.  Surely those three words can't be copyrighted though.


Inspired me, they did, for I decided when I awoke and looked at the clock to see 4:44, that I was eager to get up.  How I do love that -- feeling eager to get up and get going.


Perhaps this shall turn out to be the legacy note to my children and grandchildren.  It's only two days after the Presidential election that put Donald Trump in the Presidency of the United States and he's already expressed how his first day as President (in January) shall be.           


One thing he's made most plain is that he's going to reverse President Obama's legacy.  He's definitely not treading lightly.


Here's the thing.  No one is paying attention to my legacy.  At least, not in a positive light.  There's not really anything to pay attention to in my legacy thus far.  I don't like that.  I'm not at all proud of that.


Here's how it goes from here on out.


I live life inspired.  That typing of the word "inspired" took my mind to the phrase:  "inspired action".  I have wrestled and wrestled with the "grind it out" approach to action sponsored on the internet and how much more sense it makes to me to take "inspired action".


The wrestle may have come to having integrity with myself.  All my life I have been much too much concerned with, if not actually pleasing others, then at least not being "in trouble" with others, meaning not displeasing others.


It has never taken much.  I really have been much too sensitive.  I'm not interested in political correctness, I've just needed that smile and nod of approval.                                                                                             


Oh, there may be those who read this and disagree heartily.  "Well, she never tried that hard to please me!"


I definitely do have other weaknesses beside the one to try to please others.


That is not the purpose of this write.


Today is a mere fifteen days from my turning 67 years old in earth years.  I'm feeling more as though all of us who share this earth life experience were all originally birthed pretty much all in the same time frame -- in the larger scheme of things.


I felt pretty much like I had quite a number of things in common with that young man standing to the left of Donald Trump as he came to the podium to announce Hilary Clinton had conceded the Presidential race.  I presume he was Donald's son.  I noticed his grimaces, his discomfort with some of the things he was hearing, and his several times bringing himself up short with the awareness that only God knew how many people were watching him -- and would, throughout history, being watching him, and his antsiness.    


Yes, antsiness.  Now, there's a word I can related to.  A memory from Girl's State (do they have that anymore?) and my Jackie Kennedy pill box hat slipping down my forehead just reared its ugly head.  If anyone else, from that time over two generations ago, remembers that, please do tell.  My (and my cringing memories) mortification, couldn't possibly seem less significant.


Well, my intention when I began this write, was to regale myself, and dare I hope, my two boys, at least (and possibly, my siblings) with how I became a Sedona-ite and began to show up in this world/this life as I desire to.  


Money, car, my own home -- how they seem the barest essentials.   They are not, of course.


The integrity with self, which I mentioned earlier, cannot be stressed enough.  I'm just rolling it around on my tongue.  I'm testing my permissions to bring it to the fore.  Unlikely as it seems, I am fortified watching Trump and his brazen arrogance plowing ahead.  What cares he, what anyone else thinks?  It seems the entire country flipped on its head for him, at least in the looking at the states and their colors changing as Tuesday night progressed.


And, so what, that now there are protests across the country and burning of his head in effigy?  He has everything he needs in place to continue his march forward announcing what will be as he plays out in advance the beginning days of his Presidency.  How many shall find him their exemplar, who never would have thought it?  


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