A couple of favorites of mine:  Will Smith and the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes I come to the end of the day with barely enough consciousness (alternately called "burning the candle at both ends") to review where all I've been in the day.  I have a file folder in my Word Docs stuffed with days where I've tried to keep up with myself all the day long.  I always realize I fizzled somewhere in the day and now I have no idea where the rest of everything went.  I compare it to hoarding.  I really feel my defunct, worn out, end of the run computers all succumbed to hoarding.  Just this week, though, I have fresh hope that I've found a system that will take care of that.  How I wish I could say -- take care of that for me.  Perhaps in the next life, I shall opt to be a Cleopatra sort.  However, for now, as I fade toward the land of Nod, I leave you with a video to refresh you enough to tend to wrap up whatever system you use.  Pleasant dreams!