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Mar. 6, 2016

“Hey, Trish! Can you hear me? I have some news of success and I want to tell the family here.”

Somewhere, I recently saw someone walking off in the dark alone and the narrator was saying, “We don’t belong to our birth family, we belong to the human family.” Not everyone needs to think in that order, but sometimes it’s good to have that perspective. It’s my family here that I believe I have a chance of understanding from. My birth family has been contacted and shared the usual remarks, likely they were what you would expect from your family had you had the opportunity to tell them you had my experience. “You did? Wow! That’s great! When you gonna buy me a ticket to come see?” “Hey! Good to hear! Maybe we could bring the kids and come visit you and Disneyland this summer! Unbelievable!” “I’m so glad you’re gonna finally get out of that heat and be able to do so much more. Good for you!” “I’m amazed! Out of all those people! Whew!”

Now, I realize you don’t know my experience yet. I have managed to keep mum about what I was doing, and that was unexpectedly difficult considering my advanced years and sedate maturity (TIC = tongue in cheek), but I’ll bet you do remember a call sometime ago when I mentioned listening to an Abraham (anyone can google Abraham - Hicks for more information) video and the person in the hot seat, saying, (in effect and my remembrance) that what he found he loved most about manifestation was knowing it was just there, before him but not yet viewable, and it was “sweet, like honey, dripping from his tongue”. You liked the visual in imagination as I did and as I repeated it to you, I felt its application to what it was that I was doing. And, that was a real thrill to me!

My successes at manifestations of any sort (since learning I create my life) have been small, almost insignificant to speak of, spaced very far from one another, easily missed and I am truly wobbly, wobbly, wobbly in my efforts and yet I could feel this one, a big one; as “honey, dripping from my tongue” not at all long from the start of it. Oh, I get it now, I’m one who must speak to hear what I say. Yes, what I’m counting as the beginning is not at all the beginning. This has been building for years. Yes, I have laid many impressions, impression upon impression, on my heart and on the formless substance of the Universe and clothed them more specifically and with greater and greater clarity regularly and often.

If what I am saying is not resonating with you, is mayhap boring you, try to consider this is the work that must needs be done by the majority of us who wish to come out of the majority. If you have any desire to move up more into the rarefied air where those who’ve climbed out of the stifling patterns of the conditioning of society are, I am attempting to leave some bread crumbs on the path.

So, I took a second nap today and the clock read 2:22 when I arose. Now, the day when I originally believed a drawing was going to take place, I must have been in the same place, ready to put my feet on the floor, when I noticed the clock said 4:44. A.M. that was that day, when I arose to begin my day. I’ve adopted the belief Jerry Hicks had, that those kinds of fun noticing were indications that I was aligned. 4:44 let me know I was indeed the winner and now 2:22 indicates closer and closer comes the reveal.

How much fun this is!

                      642        6March16        8111    Image:  Ryan McGuire Pixabay