I Confess It–I Have Chicken Ancestry–Apparently! Time to Get Back to Winning . . .

I Confess It–I Have Chicken Ancestry–Apparently!  Time to Get Back to Winning . . .

I ended the last page I wrote for this section with:  I’ll have more energy tomorrow and will reveal more about my Master Mind of Invisible Counselors – in effect.  And, since then, I’ve thought in varying ways, that’s just a little too intimate:  Do I really want to do that?  Well, I’m impressed.  I’m still human, that’s for sure.  Assuming there are other humans who deal with being chicken by not dealing.  Like maybe writing comments to posts.  OK.  I’m not going there either.  But some of you may think this is doing it one better.  And, if I know me, I’ll be sharing more about my Master Mind in time.  Fair enough?

I was in error – as, in fact, it seems, I often am. I found that when I went back and reread the rules (how long did it take before I thought to do that -- weeks, not days) I had highlighted and bolded the correct information. (Either that or someone had broken into my house, gotten on my computer and found a copy of the rules and done that for some obscure, self-serving reason.) I keep having to remind myself that underlying everything else, this is for promotion. I will benefit from receiving and enjoying the package, some day, but never at the snap of my fingers. The plan (until I actually take receipt and maybe not totally then either) is someone else’s, and I must fit myself to it. OK, so, the actual drawing of my name is down the road a bit. And then, again for additional promotional reasons, the alerting me, may or may not be, three to six weeks after that. And, no! I will not be moving in that night. In fact, I won’t even be able to see the house for another while. Heavens to murgatroyd! Impatience will glean no reward! Well, you do deserve to know, do you not?

So, these are actual sentences I wrote when I thought they might be doing the actual drawing. Don’t think I don’t know that they will possibly sound nerdy (or much, much worse) to you. We are, each, after all, individuals; but I for one didn’t use to have any clue how to do this (you’ll do yours your way) and now, you will know what worked for one person and can enjoy much more confidence in your verbiage which to your ears, anyway, will seem much, much better! What you are looking to do is to engage your feelings – the emotional part of you. If ever there is any secret to this, those emotions and your feelings are!

I feel “jumping bean” excited, head to toe, knowing I AM drawn. WINNING!

The cells in my head, my whole body, in fact, are abuzz with awareness of what WINNING feels like --- FUN~!

I’ve been encouraged to have fun and to know life is supposed to be fun, and, WOWZERS, this is!

What a treat! To feel like a winner! To “feel” the prize and the having of it!

This means so much to me and mine! It’s a feeling of greatness and wonder! (Only my son’s girlfriend is voicing it, but to the extent anyone else I’ve mentioned it to is thinking of it at all, I’m quite reasonably sure, she speaks the consensus: “I can’t believe you think you’re gonna win out of all those people~!”)

It’s TRUE! Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible! It feels good!   (This is an empowering new belief that can serve you well the remainder of your life.)

Awareness of what IS happening feels powerful, self-affirming, and valuable.

My body feels calm, mellow and abuzz and glowing, all at the same time.

Winning and feeling it, feels life sustaining, important, heady and delightful.

Confidence is abounding in my heart, my solar plexus, my breasts, my hands!

I know the HGTV team is excited for me and anxious to get to know me. YES~!

I feel the cheers of the HGTV team even though they haven’t met me yet!

Oogah – Oogah – Oogah! WOW, all that for me? And, they don’t even know me!

I feel Cy across the pond – not even sure why he feels so happy! He’s charged!

Amazing! Oh, thank you so much, Mahara, for the right word! AMAZING! I feel it~!

Amazing! Happy! On track! Delighted! Thrilled! AT peace! At ONE! Yea – ME!

I hear the bird singing: Cheers! Fabulous! Outstanding! Remarkable! KUDOS!

Endorse – how delightful, anticipatory, eager, abuzz I feel, to endorse myself!

So, . . . . This is winning! This is ME winning! This is ME executing WINNING~!

My breath, the space within my body EXPANDS, my VISION feels ever closer~! 

Peace – Infinite Waters (thanks, Ralph Smart) running deep. The feeling of fulfillment, of joy!

Satisfaction – I rejoice! I thrum! I feel so much excitement~!

I feel such peace, such delight, such joy, -- I feel magnified, I AM magnified!

My name is exploding. As my name is drawn it explodes off tongues – happily!

My name shall rebound through the years as exemplary and showwrrr. Thx, Ry!

I feel honored, blessed, aligned, powerful, ebullient, RIDING the flow wave!

My feelings are like a roiling sea, with thunderous surf, pounding with purpose and meaning!

Happiness and good cheer, resolve achieved, game plan mounted – CHEERS!

I love this! I love this~! I love this! So, this is how it feels? Chuckle-y, YES~!

It feels like JJD is here and making me laugh raucously and embarrassedly!

Making up for lost time, it feels like, too. How fabulous. How thrillingly on point.

Life is good. I love my life. I love good people and companies demoing this.

The demo here is in: Dreams, sharing the talent, sharing the love! Wonderful!

I AM feeling weepy – downloaded by angels. Thanks so much, Sweetie.

I AM sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo blessed~! I feel THANKFUL~!

I feel blessed and highly favored. I AM blessed and highly favored, indeed~!

Image: sciencefreak|Pixabay

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