Master Mind with Invisible Counselors

Feb. 21, 2016

There are those quite intimately acquainted with the concept of a “Master Mind of Invisible Counselors”.  If I were to hazard a guess it would be a relatively small group on Planet Earth, and an even smaller group who regularly works with one.

If you’ve never heard of such, my acquaintance with the concept hails from Napoleon Hill.  I know he writes of such in both his books, Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success.  I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t mention it additionally in several of his other books.

If you find yourself very interested, you will appreciate that Napoleon Hill’s works are in the public domain and you can almost always find free down loadable  PDF’s of them, or pay a small fee to download someone’s specially formatted or compiled version.

I can also recommend a Conference Call I’ve attended over four years now, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM Eastern @ 712-432-0900 with access code 565762#.  You would be most welcome to join us.  We do rotate the reading of three or four books so be aware of that.

I hope your curiosity is now assuaged enough to proceed.  BTW, any master minds you might hear about, whether online or offline, stem from this relatively humble beginning.

And, why did I bring it up, you may ask?  Well, a couple years ago (actually, I think it more likely three) I decided to form my own Master Mind of Invisible Counselors.  You may as well know, I firmly believe those who have passed on to the Great Beyond, (I live in a Valley surrounded by 5 Native American reservations) often choose to spend a considerable amount of their time with us.  

There are more than a few stories I could tell you about that and they just might convince you for yourself, but for now just know I call those folks who either inhabit my circle there, or at least pass in and out on occasion — My Guidance Team. And they comprise one of the twelve positions of my Master Mind of Invisible Counselors.  (Having twelve is just a personal preference I have). These folks (dead folks, if you want to call them that) so happen to be invisible to me.

However, my siblings for example, are not dead and yet are invisible to me (living out of state and farther than I would walk to see them) and may yet be a part of my Master Mind of Invisible Counselors.  I mention this to clarify that it is not to be taken for granted whether you select dead folks or folks yet alive and kicking, to be in your Master Mind.

As it turns out my Master Mind features as a major part of my change and growth over the intervening years.  There is no question at all in my own mind that I would be nowhere near where I am now without having made this contribution to my life.

As I began this post, I intended to share how another member of my Master Mind of Invisible Counselors, whom I entitled my One and Only; and who at the time of adding him to the Council and still today, remains invisible, and my Master Mind interrelate.

I’ll have more energy tomorrow and I do expect I shall need to pay attention to clarity.  I do want those of you who find yourselves interested to be able to follow what I am sharing.  So, sayanora, then.

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