Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you can give.


Often enough to be rather a pain to me, I read someone saying something negative about the rich; how greedy they are, how thoughtless, even sometimes -- the comment reaches as far as to how evil they are.  As though if a person has enough to qualify to be a rich person in some other person's mind, then that other person "knows" all they need to know to berate them.


This entire blog is more about mindset than anything else, says the blog's author, (moiself).  And, in my personal journey to ultimately accepting that I, yes, even I (and I, would be the ONLY one to question it) must experience a change of mindset in order to accomplish anything I would desire to in life, one of the most powerful things I would come to learn is:


                  I MAKE A LOT OF ASSUMPTIONS

 and more -- damning, frustrating, hateful, damning, embarrassing



I can already guess that none of that surprised you, even though none of you have even met me!




You make lots of assumptions, too.  Be honest.


For some reason, something in there took me back to a long time ago and seeing a movie I still recall, Moonstruck -- probably because I've always loved Cher; and once I saw that Nicholas Cage could hold the Lotus position several inches off the concrete floor of a prison cell (in another movie), I've been pretty nutso about him as well.


What I've often repeated from that movie, is the grandfather saying (in an apparent broken state, as if he'd just experienced his final blow), "I'm confused".  As if one can get to the latter part of one's life and only then realize others have more breadth and depth to them than to only do what YOU expect.  I'm always mocking myself, BTW, when I quote him with that.


I can't tell you how much I hope you enjoy the video above and that perhaps your eyes like mine became wet with feeling.


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