Confidence to Omniscience

Feb. 19, 2016

In the bathroom a moment ago, I realized I do feel a little omniscient.  The drawing was set to take place approximately five hours ago, and I’ve been a bit antsy every since, not knowing when the surprise visit from the Sweepstakes will take place.  (I’m picking up on that it may be a couple months out.)


I’ve watched some more videos since then and picked up on some riotously fabulous good news!  In at least three cases, the vehicle was awarded on that visit – would that ever be cool, cool, cool!  The huge sign big check was also, and if that means the money becomes spendable then, too; what better news could there be?  WOW!  WOW!  WOW!


So.  Feeling omniscient feels quite giddy, actually.  And loving, and mellow, and happy.  It feels like it comes from my heart space in my body.


“Riotously fabulous good news”, I said, in reference to seeing the vehicle awarded at the time the Sweepstakes folks surprises the winner.  I even had the thought that if I were made to choose between the house and the car, I’d choose the car. 


Very impulsive, yes?  And, short sighted, I’ll give you. But when one has been without a car for years, and that one is such a lover of vehicles and the freedom they bring, oooooh, la, la!


What a great positive change that alone will make in my life!  And, I do feel giddy, light headed, light hearted, and light minded.  And what awesome feelings when one has been so serious minded most of my life! 


I so love the freedom of stepping outside my home, getting alongside MY car, inserting my key (and I don’t mind at all that that’s upgraded, too!), opening the car door and maneuvering myself into the driver seat. 


Of course, I look around!  What’s not to like!  For me, especially the sun roof gets my first high five!  And, how do I feel!  Awestruck!  It is finally, finally here.  I remember briefly how important it was to me to earn (qualify) for my first new TW vehicle, in 1976, and it wasn’t even mine!  I had not the least clue about manifesting my desire, how my vibration worked at all (angst majeure!). 


What different feelings, now:  confidence for one.  How does confidence feel?  Confidence feels blessedly EASY, by which I mean; there is an ease in my body, there’s an ease in my mind and my spirit is at ease – with a continual soft smile that speaks of thankfulness and happiness and content!  


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