Hi, and welcome to this post.  Before I share the post I wanted to tell you that Adam enclosed a crisp, clean, clear transcript of what he reads on the video in case you wanted to read along with him or incorporate some of what he says with yours.  (YOUTUBE)

I just was listening to a man on Blog Talk Radio, who reminded me of the war that goes on online, and more, where each of us lives in our thoughts and minds, between those who feel “massive action” is where it’s at and those who believe thoughts create our reality. I had listened to another man some time ago now who was making a similar point and I picked up on the attitude that to believe our thoughts create our reality is to think action is not involved. There lies at least one rub.

I have followed Abraham-Hicks (easily and prolifically found by Googling)for over ten years and can attest action must be involved. What we are striving for is inspired action. What we are striving for is to have all our ducks in a row, rather than to simply burst loose with scatter shot.

Our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions impact each of the cells in our body. I’ve finally been able to take in how I created what I perceived the longest “dark night of the soul” in all of existence.

Thus if you have been bombarding your cells with peptides from a negative attitude, you are literally programming your cells to receive more of those peptides in the future. Even worse, you are lessening the number of receptors of positive-attitude peptides, making yourself inclined towards negativity. http://highexistence.com/thoughts-program-cells/

I had an individual very significant to me, shock me to my senses (it took a while) one time by telling me I was negative, lacked self-worth and always saw the worst in others and things. I had not always been that way, in fact had only been that way a couple decades (I wish that were tongue in cheek) by then and still saw myself fresh faced, excited, happy, friendly. It has been a very long road back; difficult, painful, humiliating and very, very confusing are just a few of ways it could be described.

Confidence (definitely related to self-worth) has been well worth working on. Dr. Napoleon Hill who wrote The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich, amongst a number of other books,found it so important to the successes he interviewed and those whose stories he shared in his books that he wrote a five part Self Confidence formula, that untold numbers in the last ninety plus years recite to themselves daily, along with the Major Definite Purpose.

As of this date, 17 of February of 2016, you can go to this link: http://www.thelawofattraction.org/subscription-success/
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In fact checking Dr. Hill’s books, I ran across that download and found several examples for taking action or not. Sometimes our perceptions are simply off.


If you are female, perhaps you would find this article and its accompanying video as fascinating as I did, http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/05/the-confidence-gap/359815/. One thing that applies to both sexes is that confidence is more important than competence.


www.entrepreneur.com/article/247353 Entrepreneur
Jun 16, 2015 - Think of confidence as a skill that you can get better at, then practice, practice, practice.

This is clearly the good news: your confidence can be improved, and that, as simply, by practice.


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