Your LIVing can be thanks to your dream.

Thanks so much, Steve Mazan!

I was so impressed with so much of what Steve said in this video that I copied the transcript so I could highlight and emphasize and remember things I want to make a part of utilizing a dream to LIVE more in my life.  For a quick couple of those things most pertinent to the theme of this book:  a dream lights a fire in your heart and you need to make things GO OUT so as to make the world a better place and to dream encompasses every step that it takes to get there.

I wonder how many of us give up at some point in our lives, and further, what the average time might be that we remain in that state.
If you are insatiably curious like me, you may appreciate knowing I just Googled “how many of us give up on our lives” and after looking at some of the returns, rather cynically clicked on this link:  My cynicism sprang from this quote on the Google page:  If you're giving up on your life then I'm afraid you're one of the dumbest . . . .  Just how old is this guy, I thought?  Turns out I benefited from this blog post and thought you might as well.
I’m heading in a different direction in my musing, though, and if you can relate, perhaps it will be this post you will benefit from the most. 

Eventually, most of us will reach a time in our lives when we’ll realize we have most definitely missed some opportunities and sorely wish we could cure that.  

                                                                                                    It’s then we may search about to make up for lost time. 


When one is without, as I have been without — my own home, my own vehicle, my own “reasonable” flow of money,  there are certain predictable things that can happen.  A feeling of relative deprivation is almost certain to be a part.

Dep·ri·va·tion  ˌdeprəˈvāSH(ə)n/  noun [from Google]
the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in a society.
"low wages mean that 3.75 million people suffer serious deprivation"

poverty, impoverishment, penury, privation, hardship, destitution

The Best Me I Can Be
So What is my Dream?  Surely more than winning a sweepstakes or two, or twenty or a hundred!  The dream behind that is easy.  The first big dream I desire to fulfill is to get back to "normal".  I have my own meaning for that based on how I view my life from where I stand now.  And, as I sit here, my head is abuzz with knowing this is my answer to any young man or woman , or old man or woman with enough "cheek" to say to me -- "why is money so important to you"?

First of all -- how important can money be to me?  Don't you think I'd have something as important to me as you are making money out to be?  Why should I be looking at you and observing your house and your ability to go shop for supplies to prepare and plant a garden and decorate your yard and home for the holidays and notice your drive and that you have a vehicle and reading your Facebook page and seeing an Alaska trip and hearing about your other trips and be thinking to myself, "this man is grousing to me that he doesn't understand why I want to learn how to make money (REAL money)" while he lives a "normal" life and I live my life?


So, . . . .   This is both a visionary AND a cautionary tale.


To look at anyone who is winning is, and of course, I know you already know this, but this is amongst the most common things to set aside; keep in mind they are much more than just what you can read about them or see in brief clips;and like the proverbial movie star, is no overnight wonder, no matter what it looks like to you.  And, everyone of us must pause to remember for ourselves what the dream is behind the dream.

Keep the dream stirred to heart light level, and forget not, living is where it's at.

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