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Sep. 24, 2016

I feel as if I must confess that finding Karen’s I like across the World Wide Web becomes ever more enjoyable to me.

When I spent ten years in Saint George, Utah in the early 2000’s I listened to a woman wax eloquent about her “Betty” club. Her name was Betty and she had been part of a “Betty” club for years. For all intents and purposes, it sounded like a group of women who met and conversed together on a regular basis with no more in common than each woman having Betty for her name.

How enviable, I thought. And varied. I seem to thrill to a life theme of variety and I couldn’t help but imagine this group of women and how having only one thing in common must surely mean lots of variety in things that were not in common.

At that time, I doubt I even considered googling Karen. When it did come to mind, I can’t begin to describe how utterly stymied I was at having never known there was an entire people — a huge population of them — known as the Karen people. Now, over a decade of learning of my ignorance, I’m still flummoxed.

However, today, I sought to know something about a new Karen. It almost felt a bit like seeking myself.

After a few moments of page turning (or its ilk), I found a Karen (new to me) who felt a little familiar in a couple of ways.

Her name is Karen Rapp and she has a business she handles on-line: http://karenrappinteriors.com/. I really love the quote, and it’s hers; she is currently defining her business with.

It was extra fun for me to learn she drew imaginative floor plans on her parent’s driveway as a little girl. It reminded me of my favorite 1st-grade memory, which was to create little walls and rooms from the school yard sand with other kids and create little floor plans together. At least it was my favorite memory until the day I looked around and everyone had gone in but me — after recess. How deep into my own psyche had I been to have missed the bell and everyone’s shouting? Well, it’s still a great memory and I know where to go when I want to create my own designs.

I really enjoyed discovering Karen in this way. I don’t know that I’ll ever meet her but I do know she has contributed to my life. Thank you, Karen Rapp!



Sep. 24, 2016

Quote thanks to Karen Rapp, Arizona Master Designer

Jan. 3, 2016

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