You Can Do It Too

Feb. 10, 2016

What might I say to you, if the question you asked me was,   “How can I do what you just did?”

Let’s start with what I just did, in case you haven’t read it yet elsewhere.  I AM the prizewinner of a 2016 Sweepstakes prize consisting of a home, car and money.  I was just looking online and there are more Sweepstakes and other prize winnings available than I care to research.  I had not ever set out to do such a thing although now that I have a clearer picture of how our subconscious minds work, I may well have made that statement in error. 

I happened to see  enough of an ad for this particular sweepstakes on TV to get me to thinking that each of the items that were a part of the package were things that I need and had needed for at minimum the last five years.  It took some rousing of my conscious mind, but I then realized I was better prepared to move on in life from where I currently was than I could ever remember and I did know of people who deliberately won lottery money and other similar stories unlike our usual work hard and do this and that and so on.

I’ve known for decades now I have a rebel aspect that is enough unlike the rest of me to occasionally wrest some good from life that I otherwise am too timid to do or compulsively work myself out of the picture at reward’s end.  And, I felt ready to give myself a stimulating challenge.

You folks, the ones who want to know how to do it for yourselves, are a part of the whole thing from the beginning.  You may need to bring endurance to the table, though.  I’m new at putting it all together and I have a wild hunch that most of you just want to get enough information to light your own selves, especially your confidence -- on fire, and then you’re off on your own anyway, so I’ll get it out to you jumble wise and then you can take it from there.

You’ll need to keep at this having fun, enter consistently and take actions which will allow you to keep the opportunity feeling closer and closer.  Pay attention, at all times, to how you feel.  Enjoy the travel.


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