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What say ye about the words, “Chasing their ambition”?  Does that inspire you?

How many people have ambitions?  Do you?  To have ambition requires that you know what you want.

In America, it would seem that everyone wants a car.  If you don’t have one, you maybe aren’t all that choosy.  Just something that drives, that will get you from point A to point B, you think.  If you’ve always had a decent car and you’re thinking about another, your head may be a swirl with various things that you want your car to have.  If you find money to be of little object, perhaps you are very caught up in the idea of having one of those “working man’s Teslas”.  If you’ve ever been in serious threat of, or worse, have actually had a vehicle repossessed, it may be important to you that you own your vehicle free and clear.  And, if you – like me, have had plenty of cars but been made to be without one for many years, and you value the freedom having your own vehicle gives you, you may have some parameters that are important, while the most important thing is that you simply have one.  I’m not dreaming about the color, or the fabric the seats are made of.  I’m not caught up in the new vehicle smell.  My largest preference is the gas mileage it gets, that it’s comfortable for me to get in and out of; that I enjoy driving it and that I can feel proud to own it.  It seems all of that is covered fairly well except that I know I can find better gas mileage.  How about you?  Are you finding any glaring points left out?  Maybe dreaming about your next car can give you ambition.

The world over us humans value having a roof over our heads.  I still remember the progression of homes we had while I was a kid.  It was an entirely different progression of homes for our family while our children were growing up.  Following that was a progression of homes after I divorced the father of my children.  What I dream about now is more in the vein of a property that will allow me to enjoy a home that has the capacity to house many and grounds that shall be able to provide houses for a number of others.  I’ve had a special business in mind to create that was birthed over a dozen years ago.  Like many others, I, too, have found myself eager to right a perceived wrong.

Once you have a fairly good idea of what it is that you want, it is difficult to miss it when you see it.  Ah!  The value of clarity is becoming clearer and infinitely more valuable.  What I write about next will possibly seem unrelated to you.  Perhaps you will find it worthy of your attention.  Perhaps you won’t, so I’ll come back and tell you how many paragraphs you can skip -- four. 

I am reminded every so now and again that I do things seemingly backwards.  The process I found myself in earlier today sure seems backwards to how I would expect to do it.  I simply found myself in it and once I realized I had come out ahead, I could laugh at myself and wonder why it worked out so well.

I met a young man online last fall whose sole purpose, it seemed, was to find a partner.  It seemed to me that it had come out of my blind spot and I was vacillating like a fish on a hook.  It was totally unexpected to me and I wasn’t leaving well enough alone and simply enjoying the ride, which should have been easy enough because I haven’t had the opportunity to chat with a man as delightful as he for a very long time.

Today it happened that I found myself watching a video created for single women to help them be more successful on the dating scene.  The guest was asked for some tips as to more quickly determining if the male one was dating could possibly be a good match.  She talked about how important it was to know one’s values and recommended having five non-negotiable values so as to be able to move on more quickly should they be lacking.

Keeping in mind I’ve already mentioned this is something I recognized doing backwards, I’d like to share what came of my feeling rather despairing after that segment and lying down.  I began to talk to myself and realized I had noticed that a couple of the examples given were values I had and had seen evident in the young man I mentioned earlier.  The first was spirituality.  Though he was extremely reluctant to share anything in real depth and I had no knowing of the God he referred to, worshipped, believed in; there was no lack of certainty that he did hold such to be very dear.  The second was family.  It would be impossible to miss that his family was meaningful and impactful in his life, despite a painful missing.  I confess I was surprised at how easily it came to me that these two values were so obvious, though nearly unspoken.  Could I find more, I thought?  He did speak of always trying to do one’s best.  Bingo.  A third.  A sense of fun and well matched senses of humor.  Wow!  Bingo, again.  A desire to bless others lives – down to the detail of speaking it the same way I do.  Wonderment crept over me!  I had felt those things.  I had enjoyed them about him.  How had I missed realizing how present they were?  And, impulsively, in one of our quick, brief repartees, he shared a powerful dream and his ache to accomplish it.  I had clearly been numb far too long.

I AM flummoxed by the lesson here.  Once you know clearly what you want – it is hard, it is unlikely, it is well nigh impossible – to miss it when you see it!  Oh, how well worth it you will find it is – to know what you want.  And, now you know why I’m writing what I’m writing about.                       1077 - 7455 - 020916        

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