Seeking Reader-Responders

Well over ten years ago now, I decided I'd like to write a book in my lifetime. 

My life seemed to have rested a moment or two on the crest of a hump.  I wasn't constantly out of breath for trying to climb up.  I wasn't braking to keep from sliding back.  It appeared to be looking fairly good.

After a number of months of observation, I noted I could gather considerable enthusiasm for half a day or so over what seemed a title possibility.  Hm.  A specialty!  Coming up with titles, as it were.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, you know the drill.  The best part of writing a book for me has seemed for some time now, -- coming up with titles.

And, so it is that I turn this website, (and it is the third change), into a book spawning ground.  I want to accomplish more than just one thing.  Finally writing more of a book than just a title to one, I would also like to succeed at a website with response; you know:  commenters, likers, sharers -- participators.

So, . . . we shall see.  Shan't we?



Kind regards,

Karen Lohof
Jan. 3, 2016

2016 is a WINNING year for me!

Sep. 6, 2015